Current position: SEE Foundation Marine Conservation Program Manager

Biography: Jing Zhang is committed to intergrade scientific research, policy recommendations into conservation practice on topics such as endangered marine species conservation, key marine ecosystem restoration, and sustainable fisheries. Prior to joining SEE Foundation, he was Program Officer at IUCN Global Species Program, based at the North America office in Washington, DC. He was responsible for the assessments of the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. For the past ten years, he has work and field experiences in countries and regions in North America, Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia. In his free time, he is an excellent cook and outdoor enthusiast.


Current position: Donor Relations Manager of The Nature Conservancy Asia Pacific Region, China Global Philanthropy. 


As a philanthropy professional, Xinying has the secret seasonings in cross-culture communication to build bridges for Chinese diaspora philanthropists with urgent global environmental issues. Xinying graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Public Administration focused on environmental policy. She is also a champion for GDEI fundraising and a global steering committee member for young & emerging professional groups at the Conservancy. In her spare time, Xinying writes a sustainable lifestyle blog, where she shares her learning and practices toward individual sustainability.


Biography: Flora is a Fisheries graduate and has been working in the Fisheries sector since 2003, from academe to fisheries processing industries and now in a development sector.  She has extensive knowledge of post-harvest fisheries, quality assurance, research and development, fisheries management, and community engagement. She worked as Senior Manager for Financial and Market Inclusion at Rare Philippines and currently finished her MS in Innovation and Business at the Asian Institute of Management.  She is also a co-founder of a social enterprise in the Philippines, Tindagat.ph - which aims to connect fishers directly to the market. 


Current position: National Coordinator of the FAO-GEF Coastal-Marine Ecosystems Governance Initiative in Chile.

Biography: Manuela is the national coordinator of the FAO-GEF Coastal-Marine Ecosystems Governance Initiative in Chile. She is also a fellow at the Coastal Solutions Program (Cornell Lab of Ornithology). As an anthropologist, she has worked at the coastal-marine interface for over a decade, in projects linked to biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration, enabling multiple stakeholder participation and the integration of different knowledge systems (traditional/indigenous and technical) on these processes. She holds an MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Melbourne, Australia. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family in natural areas (especially wetlands), doing hiking, and birdwatching.


Current position: Co-founder of Tindagat 

Biography:  Allan is a co-founder of Tindagat, a social enterprise that pursues uplifting the lives of Filipino small-scale fishers and engaging them as agents of sustainable fisheries and marine conservation. He earned his MS in Innovation and Business at the Asian Institute of Management, and it is there where Tindagat was born. He is also a fellow on Sustainable Ocean Alliance and Environmental Defense Fund‚ a member of the Leadership on Climate-Resilient Fisheries Program, and a practicing telecommunications engineer with expertise in operations. His other interests include updating himself with emerging technologies, having coffee with friends, and pet keeping.


Current position: Founder of the social enterprise Laotu 

Biography:  Yi LUO is the founder of the social enterprise Laotu founded in 2016 at the University of Chicago. Laotu uses storytelling to promote rural sustainable development and leading green lifestyles in China. Yi got her master's degree from the University of Chicago Social Sciences and BA in HIstory and Environmental Analysis from the Claremont McKenna College. Yi is the awardee of Youth Champion of the Earth China Chapter, and Shenzhen City 2018 Ten Oustanding Youth. Yi is also a documentary filmmaker and curator, and an amateur ballet dancer.


Current position: Founder of Marine Research and Conservation Foundation (MARECO)

Biography: Gonzalo Araujo is the founder of Marine Research and Conservation Foundation (MARECO), a collaborative-based nonprofit working for the conservation of marine megafauna through research, advocacy, and experiences. Originally from Argentina, Gonzalo moved to the UK when he was 18 and onto the Philippines when he was 26. In 2020 he founded MARECO whilst finishing his Ph.D. in the UK. He is a Kinship Conservation Fellow and a member of the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group. He is an avid diver and freediver, and enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, and having coffee with friends.


Current position: National Coordinator of the FAO-GEF Coastal-Marine Ecosystems Governance Initiative in Chile.


Makoto Kumei is an environmental policy consultant in Japan who has worked to propose anti-IUU regulation and sustainable fisheries policy in Japan. Makoto has also worked for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries for 11 years and consulting firm for 5 years before becoming independent. Makoto received his master's degree in public administration from Harvard University and master‚  and a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Sophia University. Makoto enjoys reading, hiking, and playing with cats.


Current position: Oceanographer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 


Ji Li is an oceanographer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  Ji's research is motivated by problem-solving, and combining field observational and experimental data with numerical approaches to understand the dynamics of nutrients and plankton communities in marine ecosystems across spatiotemporal scales. Ji works on the coastal ecosystems, including Changjiang Estuary, East China Sea, Pearl River Estuary, and the Chesapeake Bay, etc., and also expanded his research to the open ocean including both the Antarctic and Arctic. Ji received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Ji is also developing a marine and environmental education program for middle schools in Shanghai. 


Current position: Co-founder of Blue Fins


Xiaohui (Ivy) Lin is a co-founder of BlueFins, an ocean conservation organization that empowers divers to conduct citizen science projects to protect ocean biodiversity in China. Ivy has used her public relations undergraduate background to produce and direct "Searching for the Coral Paradise", a documentary about coral conservation. Now, she is pursuing her master's degree in Coastal Science and Policy at UCSC. In her free time, she enjoys diving, camping, and playing frisbee.



Siqi has studied sociology and later social anthropology in her Master's Degree. She holds her passion in exploring creative and compelling approaches to build up a special connection between the ocean and the public through advocacy and marine environmental education. Her unceasing love and growing curiosity to life and nature has motivated her through the journey.


Current position: Ocean Program Manager, WWF-China.


Mingyang Wan received her master's degree from The University of Hong Kong. Her major is environmental engineering and management. She has four years of experience working in NGOs focused on ocean conservation and regional development.


Current position: Marine Project Officer of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) China.


Qing Liu, has been promoting oyster reef habitat restoration since 2015. Currently, she is working with government and academic partners to implement an oyster reef restoration pilot project in Zhejiang Province. She is also supporting the strategy and project development of restorative oyster aquaculture, which aims to improve oyster farming practices that could benefit communities and the coastal environment. Qing holds a Master of Science degree in Marine Microbiology from the Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, and a Bachelor in Plant Protection from Henan University of Science and Technology.



Patricio Mekis is in charge of the sustainability conservation model for Punta de Lobos Foundation in Pichilemu, Chile. The success of this model will not only protect and restore a pristine ecosystem and a world surfing reserve but also will have a big influence on the environmental education for all visitors and partners of the program.   His expeditions and surfing experience added with his role as a Patagonia Regional Surfing Ambassador has made him been able to explore precious wild places and inspire him on their protection.


Current position: Director of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society


Yat-tung Yu is the director of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, the only NGO focusing on birds and their habitats in Hong Kong. Yat-tung graduated from Hong Kong University and studied the globally endangered Black-faced Spoonbill for his MPhil. He actively promotes coordinated census of this species and the results are extensively used for conservation purposes including publishing scientific papers, lobbying governments to set up protected areas, citizen science programs and public awareness of this species, and wetland conservation. Yat-tung is a veteran birdwatcher with over 30-year experience and always enjoys searching for birds in the wilderness.


Current position: Founder of iAqua

Biography:  Guoxing Lu is the founder of iAqua , an intermediate aquatic engineer and graduated from Zhejiang Ocean University with a master's degree in aquaculture; Former director of listed aquatic science and Technology Service Research Institute, responsible for the development of animal protection products, seedling research and development, seedling production workshop director and president assistant, responsible for the front-line production management of seedlings. In recent years, he had been engaged in intelligent fishery and aquatic informatization and organization research in Chinablue, and had served  some aquatic industry associations.In his free time,he enjoys reading,hiking and palying football.


Current position: Program Manager at LINI Foundation

Biography:  Eveline Kurniati is a marine conservationist and aquaculture expert focused on coastal community development.  She holds a Master of Aquaculture Science and Technology from James Cook University Australia and a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology. For 7 years she has worked across Indonesia on social and ecological challenges to find solutions and develop actionable interventions. As a Program Manager at LINI Foundation, she works closely with local communities in restoring reef ecosystems, promoting sustainable fisheries, and conserving marine species through community-based aquaculture. She has also consulted with various organizations as a researcher including UNDP, University of Sussex, Creative Action Tank (CAT),  and Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP). 



Jom studied Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. He is a passionate engineer with special interests in ocean numerical modeling and ocean observation technologies. He plans to continue his study into graduate schools in Fall 2022 in ocean engineering.  Currently, he is working as a research assistant at Coastal Oceanography and Climate Change research center in Thailand focusing on coastal hydrodynamic modeling.  Since late 2020, he co-founded the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Thailand (SOA Thailand), a growing volunteer-based organization with the aim to connect people from different disciplines and take action against marine environmental issues in Thailand. He is determined to push our frontier in oceanography through research, innovation, and collaboration.



Emmanuel Rivera-Tellez is part of the Mexican CITES Scientific Authority (CONABIO) since 2010. He has been involved in the design and implementation of wildlife use and conservation projects of marine and terrestrial species. His endeavors have strengthened the technical bases for the management of Mexican species listed in CITES, contributed to the dialogue between government institutions, academia, and the producers. He has acted as a spokesperson for Mexican wildlife in national and international forums.


Biography:  Faqih Akbar Alghozali is a shark and rays researcher and conservationist. Faqih is also the co-founder and project leader of Elasmobranch Project Indonesia, an organization aiming to support the mapping of shark and rays biodiversity and distribution in Indonesia through research, citizen science, and campaign. Faqih received his bachelor's degree in Marine Science from Diponegoro University in Central Java, Indonesia. He likes music, football, and the ocean.



Yue Yao works on MPA development to support marine protection and biodiversity conservation at NRDC China Office. She had more than 13 years of working experience in international NGOs, focusing on conservation and animal protection. Before joining NRDC, she worked at World Animal Protection and World Wide Fund for Nature. She holds a master’s degree in environment and natural resource management from Dalhousie University in Canada, focused on marine issues. She also has an MS in Biology from Beijing Normal University, and a BS in environmental science from the Renmin University of China. Yao is a barista by training. She also studied cat behavior to better understand her companion in life.


Biography:  Dr Umi Muawamah was graduated from many different science and technological backgrounds. During her last two degrees, she focused on the area of resource economics with specialty in marine and fisheries.  Her professional experience was mainly in the area of economic-related to marine and fisheries conservation.  Her one-year Knauss Fellowship at the USFWS in the US has sharpened her interest in bridging science to policy.  She has excellent skills in economic modeling tools, bioeconomics, production models, econometrics including discrete choice models, impact evaluation, and impact evaluation.Her research interests are the economics of fishery management, co-management, and science to policy communication. During the last 5 years back to MMAF, she has been actively involved in the researches of national strategic issues such as the impact of IUUF policies, economic integration model for fishery product added-value industries, right-based fishery management in Indonesia, the tuna economics in Indonesia, and many more. Furthermore, on many occasions, she is active in the discourse of bridging research to policy and its recommendations.



Dr. Md Khalid Hossain works as a Research Fellow at the Department of Human Centred Computing of Monash University where he focuses on environmental informatics and community informatics with a strong interest in inclusive marine conservation through use of ICT. He previously worked for IUCN, Oxfam, CCDB, RMIT University and Government of Bangladesh. Khalid was an Australian Leadership Award scholar during his doctoral research on climate change adaptation at the RMIT University and an Australian Development Scholar during his Master's study at Monash University. His interests include climate change, sustainability, natural resource management, international business, governance, and ICT for Development.



Daniel Ruiz de Garibay is a lecturer and international development practitioner currently based in Southeast Asia. Daniel has worked for UNESCO‚ Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Sciences and later became the Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific of the World Rural Forum. Currently, he teaches sustainability at the International Relations Program in Asia-Pacific University in Kuala Lumpur and is the coordinator of the interest group on circular economy at the Integrated Sustainability & Urban Creativity Centre (ISUC). A sociologist by training, Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Law and Political Sciences from Universidad Aut√≥noma de Madrid and he received his MSc in International Politics and Human Rights from Glasgow University and his MPhil in Politics from the University of Reading where he was a Basque Government Research Fellow. He enjoys traveling and meeting people from different cultures.


Current position: Research Project Lead at World Resources Institute


Rizky Januar (RJ) is the Research Project Lead at World Resources Institute, a global research

organization aiming to turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity,

and human well-being. He acts as the point person in developing and managing research portfolios and

multiple projects, such as forest-based climate adaptation; food security, sustainable ocean

economy, and peatland; mangrove restoration in Indonesia. RJ has years of working experience in

natural resources management and sustainable development. RJ had also worked with the national

Ministry and an NGO in the area of education policy and development. He received his MSc in

Engineering and Policy Analysis from Delft University of Technology, as an LPDP scholar. Rizky enjoys live

music and exploring street photography.


Current position: Senior Manager of Innovative Finance at Rare


Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya is the Senior Manager of Innovative Finance at Rare, a global nonprofit environmental organization that supports coastal communities to adopt sustainable behaviors toward their natural environment and resources. She has a rich background in sustainable finance that includes work at UNDP, WWF, and sustainability-oriented banking at Rabobank. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Indonesia and continued her postgraduate education in accounting at Central Queensland University. She also received the Australia Awards scholarship at the University of Sydney and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and music.

Lyutong Cai 

Current position: Consultant at World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature

Biography:  Lyutong CAI graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a B.S. in Earth System Science. With a passion for ocean protection, she would like to contribute to ocean accounting. Now, she is a consultant at World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature on developing sustainable blue economy projects. Prior to WWF, Lyutong worked as a technical assistant on Ocean Accounts, Statistics Division, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. Lyutong has international working experience with different countries, including China, Malaysia, Samoa, Thailand, and Vietnam. 



Ehdra is the founder of Marine Education and Fish Management, an innovative marine education program in Papua that empowers sustainable business, training, and sustainable livelihood. Ehdra has committed to providing the most effective conservation and community engagement in Papua. He has experience in marine protected areas and the improvement of local communities. He is currently building a new fishery business in the Pacific. In his free time, he enjoys diving, reading, and having coffee.


Current position: Senior project officer at the CDP China office, Forest Team

Biography:  Ning Wu is a senior project officer at the CDP China office, Forest Team. CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Ning's responsibility at work includes engaging with listed companies and their suppliers to raise awareness and improve management towards a more sustainable and zero-deforestation supply chain.  Ning received her Master's degree in environmental communication and education from the University of Michigan and worked on anti-wildlife trafficking issues in the States after graduating from Beijing Forestry University with a Bachelor's degree in China. Aside from being a tree hugger and crazy cat lady, Ning enjoys gardening, museums, and anything about Chinese historical architecture.  


Current position: General Manager of ESG Division, China Chengxin Green Finance Technology LTD.

Biography:  Yang Zhang is the General Manager of ESG Division, China Chengxin Green Finance Technology LTD., a well-known company focusing on green finance and ESG services, with the aim of promoting sustainability in the Chinese capital market. Prior to that, Yang was a researcher in CSR and sustainability. She has three publications in ESG information disclosure in China, wrote the first ESG report for a Chinese media agency and a series of research reports, and she established a magazine “Responsibility Observe”. Yang was also a financial journalist. Yang received her MBA from Peking University. Currently, Yang’s interests include sustainability of listed companies, ESG investment, and carbon disclosure. She enjoys reading, especially with her daughter.


Biography:  Carolina is Brazilian and has 19 years of experience in research, strategic planning, mobilization, communication, and movement building. She has worked in over 30 different countries as an investigative journalist to several leading NGOs and media outlets. She is a graduate of Unicamp in Brazil (in economics) and has a master’s degree in International Journalism from City University, London. In September 2017, Carolina founded Sinergia Animal, an international animal protection organization working in countries of the Global South to reduce the suffering of farmed animals and promote more sustainable and compassionate food choices.