Frequently Asked Questions


The total program cost is US$7,500, which covers the tuition, airfare, and lodging at Santa Cruz, California. 20 - 25 full scholarships are available each year.

Given COVID-19 response and travel restrictions, how will the program decide if the in-person session will happen?

Core to the BPP Accelerator program is networking with faculty, practitioners and fellow participants as well as other experiential learning (informal engagements, field trips, etc.). Also essential to the program is the health and safety of the participants, faculty and staff. We will use three principles to help determine if we need to adjust the in-person programming dates.

  1. Ability of participants to travel to/from the program site with minimal/no COVID-19 related travel restrictions, such as travel bans or quarantines, and increase in travel costs - the program budget has little room to accommodate such increases

  2. The program’s ability to organize gathering in small to medium sized groups (e.g. 25 students and 3-5 faculty and staff) while complying with state, local, and campus restrictions

  3. Reasonable assurance that all admitted students can join us for the program. We selected this cohort for its talent, critical window of professional development, and ability to share and leverage learning in teams of participants. We do not want to hold the in-person program if significant numbers of participants can not join us.

What visa should I apply for?

Please apply for a Business B -1 visa. You can learn more about this Visa here and here (PDF - 1020 KB). Typically these visas can be used for one (1) or more entries for six (6) months to ten (10) years. We recommend participants seek a single entry visa that is valid for one (1) year.

You will be responsible for the process and costs of obtaining the visa. For this visa, you will need:

  • A valid passport. If you do not currently have a passport you will need to apply for one and expedite the process.

  • All documentation related to this program (acceptance letter and other correspondence, if available).

  • For your visa form, your address while in the United States will be: 115 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Note: some participants may qualify for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Most citizens of participating countries may travel to the United States for short visits without a visa through the Visa Waiver Program. Travel under the VWP requires a valid ESTA.

Do I need an additional letter of support to secure a visa?

Typically students have been able to use their acceptance letter for visa applications. However, if your application requires specific details not included in the acceptance letter, please email In the email subject state: BPP Visa Letter for **Your NAME**. In the body of the email please indicate clearly what information needs to be included in the letter of support. Please allow three business days for turnaround of these letters.

How should I secure medical coverage for my time in the US?

You are required to secure your own medical coverage that covers you in the US. If you need to purchase health insurance that covers you in the US, we suggest looking at World Nomads and Allianz.

How should I book my travel to the site?

You will be responsible for finding a roundtrip flight and communicating that flight information to the program. Once we have confirmed your choice, we will book your flight for you. You may choose your dates of travel as well as arrival airport so long as your flight is under $1,400 (including taxes) and guarantees arrival to Santa Cruz by December 12, preferably by 6pm. Please email the flight details you have chosen to by November 1 so we can book the flight for you. Flight details should include the flight itinerary and all relevant information on the airline company, flight numbers, dates and times (you can also include a screenshot of the flight). Please send your flight in English so we are able to book the flight.

We recommend that you use a website such as or a similar one to find the best deal.

So that we can purchase your airfare, please also email a copy of the identification pages of your passport (picture or scanned copy) along with the following information to

• First/Given name

• Middle name

• Last/Family name

• Passport country & number

• Date of birth

• Phone number with country code

• Email address

Please note: If you cancel your participation in the program for a non-emergency, we will ask for you to reimburse the program for the flight expense.

How do I get to and from Santa Cruz from the airport?

If your flight arrives and departs from either San Francisco (SFO) or San Jose (SJC) airports, we will purchase a shuttle from the airport to Santa Cruz and back on your behalf. The shuttle will be booked through the Santa Cruz Airport Flyer or similar, and once it is booked you will be responsible for coordinating any schedule changes with the company. For participants flying into or out of any other airports, you will be responsible for your own travel to and from Santa Cruz.

Where will I stay during the in-person program?

We will book single or double occupancy rooms for our fellows (depending on covid guidance at the time of the in-person programming). The venue will include free Wifi for participant use. Once reserved, will be able to check in in the afternoon of December 12. Check-out will be before 12pm (noon) on December 18th. Depending on COVID guidance at the time of the in-person program, you may share a room with one other participant. We will reach out closer to the program start to coordinate roommates, if this is necessary.

What should I bring with me for the in-person program?

Participants will receive a packing list 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.