Biography: Deasy has been working to prevent the loss of a globally significant population of western Pacific leatherback turtles in the Bird's Head region of West Papua, Indonesia, since 2014. She is a marine turtle researcher with the Science for Conservation program in the Research and Community Service Institute of the State University of Papua (LPPM UNIPA). The Program promotes holistic marine turtle conservation, emphasizing marine turtles and local communities. Deasy received her Master of Science in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. She likes spending time with her young daughters and reading. 


Biography: Drinnette James is a Grants Officer at the Micronesia Conservation Trust, responsible for managing grants and helping local partners through projects that aim at improving livelihoods, climate change adaptation, and sustainable natural resource management across Micronesia. She is also a co-founder of KOHWA, where she leads projects with women’s groups, youth, and local communities on her home island of Pohnpei addressing issues of food security, waste management and climate resiliency through advocacy and community action. She is passionate about empowering local communities to face climate change. She also enjoys learning more about the history of her island and the culture. 


Biography: Jeff Young works with the Fishery Solutions Center at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), leading the design of assessment tools, participatory workshops, and capacity building programs that connect and empower fishery leaders. Jeff has facilitated exchanges and guided collaborative efforts between fishery participants and practitioners working to build climate-resilient fisheries and communities across the Asia-Pacific region. Jeff holds a B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from UC Berkeley, and a Master of Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara. Jeff is an avid surfer, spearfisher, trail runner, tea drinker, and loves cooking and sharing locally caught seafood. 


Current Position: Officer, Brand & Communications, WWF-China

Biography: Jialing(Luna) works on Ocean & Plastic communication. She coordinates ocean conservation campaigns and art exhibitions especially around World Oceans Day. In the spare time, she helps conduct ocean environmental education courses for public, dive against debris and do reef check with buddies. Jialing also enjoys nature observation such as bird and plant watching, skateboarding, painting and reading. 


Biography: Liang Qian is a cross-disciplinary learner in languages, global governance and sustainable development. She dedicates to working for a better future for each generation. She volunteered in the Asia-Pacific region to integrate and empower youths with sustainable solutions. She brainstormed an innovative business plan for family carbon management and worked in the ESG sector. She also interned part-time at Better Blue in the area of public advocacy as a program supporter, a research assistant and a new OW diver. She will continue her graduate study in the area of environmental policy at the University of Southern California. 


Biography: Lunyang Li (Lawrence) currently works at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as the Project Coordinator for China Conservation Project, with a keen interest in the interaction between policy and community development. Prior to joining NRDC, he worked for a thinktank in Beijing and had an internship at Wisconsin State Senate. He received his BA in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cycling, and film photography.  


Current Position: Independent consultant, Japan Fisheries Certification Support

Biography: Makoto has been engaged in seafood sustainability in Japan, as an independent consultant on seafood certification programs, as well as an instructor of education and consumer communication programs. Before becoming independent, he worked as a trainee fisherman, a seafood auctioneer at the fish market in Tokyo, and the Fisheries Manager of Marine Stewardship Council Japan. Makoto studied cultural anthropology at Kyoto University, followed by graduate studies in fisheries development at the University of Tokyo. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, sea-kayaking, traveling, and visiting fish markets.  


Position: Interim Director, Starling Resources

Biography: Taufik currently leads a multi-stakeholder sustainable blue swimming crab fishery management initiative in Indonesia with Starling Resources, a sustainability consulting firm based in Bali, Indonesia. Previously, he supported the Raja Ampat marine protected area management unit pioneering an innovative ecosystem stewardship service fee as a mechanism for conservation sustainable financing in Indonesia. Taufik holds a Master of Arts Degree in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University and a Bachelor degree in Aquaculture from Riau University, Indonesia. Taufik combines his conservation work with his love for music, rocking out on his electric drum set, and exploring his culinary skills by preparing traditional Indonesian dishes. 


Biography: Natalie Leung works as the Conservation Officer, Oceans Pollution at WWF-Hong Kong. Having previously worked on eco-education, she is working on reducing marine litter at source and stopping them from entering the oceans from land with innovative solutions and collaborations, with the ultimate goal of transitioning the society from linear economy to circular economy to achieve the goal of no litter leakage into the ocean. She holds a bachelor degree from the University of Edinburgh majoring in Physical Geography. in her free time, she enjoys diving, bouldering, photography and traveling. 


Biography: Nicolas Davalos is a biologist, conservationist and independent researcher founder of Galapagos Reef Revival, the first successful marine restoration program in the Galapagos. His work focuses on rescuing the islands' last surviving coral remnants, their unique genetic makeup and resilience mechanisms to restore the near extinct coral communities of the archipelago. 

Prior to founding Reef Revival, Nicolas gained his leadership and experience from managing conservation projects, generating rural development programs and leading several expeditions in Ecuador. Nicolas studied Agricultural Sciences from Oregon State University and later did a second B.S. in Biology (Marine Biology minor) from University San Francisco of Quito.  


Biography: Noemi is a marine biologist who has been working as a consultant, engaged in the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) with a socioecological system approach. She has worked with communities, NGOs, government, academy, and the private sector in both the Pacific and Mexican Caribbean seas. Her M.S. was focused on Marine Ecology and Spatial Analysis of MPA networks. Currently, she is studying a Ph.D. at the Biological Research Center of the Northwest (CIBNOR), in Mexico, promoting fisheries economically viable and environmentally sustainable, aligned on equity and social justice. She loves swimming and enjoying the pleasant company of her Labrador dog. 


Biography: Rebecca Bird has nearly 2 decades of experience leading marine conservation teams. She currently leads the New Zealand National Marine Protection Programme at the Department of Conservation. Rebecca has an academic background in marine science, zoology and psychology coupled with a professional career in marine conservation, programme management, planning and advocacy. She has worked with governments and communities across the globe on complex environmental issues including Antarctic marine protection, climate change, sustainable fisheries, ecosystem and species conservation. In her spare time, she loves to travel and explore the outdoors with her partner Jesse and their Pointer, Ava.


Biography: Reyza Ramadhan, an experienced agriculture practitioner, is currently serving as a Programme Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). His professional portfolio encompasses diverse areas such as sustainable farming practices, the promotion of alternative foods, sustainable rural development, gender mainstreaming, and agricultural innovation. Reyza holds a master's degree in Global Food and Agribusiness from The University of Adelaide and obtained his bachelor's degree from the Catholic University of Parahyangan in Bandung in Economics. Beyond his work commitments, Reyza finds joy in cooking and actively manages a gastronomy research group during his spare time. 


Biography: Tongki, an Indonesian communication professional, empowers non-profits and private sectors through thoughtfully crafted strategies. With a Bachelor's Degree in Social Development and Welfare from Universitas Gadjah Mada and a forthcoming master's in Development Study from the University of New South Wales, Tongki devotes to analyzing sustainable development issues and effectively conveying them to diverse audiences. Through his work, Tongki contributes to vital aspects like biodiversity protection and inclusive economic development using his skill set in communication. In his leisure time, Tongki finds joy in capturing moments through his camera.  


Position: Brand Director, Better Blue Marine Conservation Centre

Biography: Weiyi Xu has over a decade of experience in strategic consulting for advertising, public relations, and brand innovation. Additionally, she has managed nearly 100 projects across various sectors, including business, arts and culture, and philanthropy. She began to devote to marine public welfare In 2017.While providing innovative concepts and implementation support for different types of projects, she is also trying to integrate multimedia technology and art to let more people know more about the ocean, and interact with the ocean in a scientific and friendly way. In her free time, She practices Tai Chi and enjoys playing billiards. She is also a wine taster.


Biography: Wenting Zhang is the Species and Marine Program Director of WildAid China which aims to protect wildlife and vital habitats from critical threats as well as reducing climate change impacts. She has been responsible for leading demand reduction communication campaigns since 2011 to protect endangered species such as sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, tigers, elephants, rhinos, and pangolins. She has participated in the CITES CoP17,18,19 as an observer. Wenting Zhang received master’s degree at the University of Sheffield. She is a certified Project Management Professional. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, cycling, and attending nature education activities with her daughter.


Biography: Wilfred John E. Santiañez is an assistant professor at the Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines (UPMSI), where he works on seaweed biology, ecology, and cultivation. As part of his commitment to marine biodiversity conservation, Fred established the UPMSI Marine Macroalgal Reference Culture Collection and has years of experience in developing and refining culture technologies for commercially important yet vulnerable seaweed resources. He obtained his Ph.D. in Natural History Sciences from Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan. Fred enjoys music, good food, cold beers, and exploring nature and culture, especially along the archipelagic coasts of the Philippines. 


Biography: Yongzheng Wu studied International Shipping at the University of Plymouth in England and received a Master's degree. After graduation, Yongzheng worked for RCL Cruises (UK) Ltd as a Senior Technical Buyer for the British fleet and later joined RightShip Pty Ltd as a Vetting Officer in the London office. Yongzheng Wu returned to China at the end of May 2021 as RightShip Pty Ltd's APAC account management representative for the Greater China region. In August 2021, Yongzheng Wu joined Zhoushan Thousand Islands Marine Environmental Protection Public Welfare Development Center as a member of a council. Yongzheng began to participate in ocean-related protection work in his spare time, such as beach cleaning, local coastline garbage monitoring, marine environmental science popularization, etc.


Biography: Mr. Zhengguang Zhu works as the Ocean Policy Manager for WWF China. In the past 15 years conservation work as a marine shepherd in East Asia region, his work covers Marine Protected Areas, Fishery Project implementing, Distant Water Fleet regulating and IUU. He previously worked for UNDP Large Marine Ecosystem Project, State Oceanic Administration, China Coast Guard, Bureau of Fisheries of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Mr. Zhu was awarded Australia government scholarship during his master on Master of Public Administration at The University of Sydney. In his free time, he enjoys running and playing soccer.


Biography: Kelvin So is a dedicated marine conservationist with a true passion for promoting the preservation of Hong Kong’s marine environment. Kelvin is currently the Project Manager for Oceans Conservation at WWF-Hong Kong, where he focuses on developing and advocating for more Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to reduce the human impact of recreational activities on the marine environment and encourage nature-based solutions and the sustainable use of marine resources. Outside of work, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, especially exploring the underwater world. As a scuba diving instructor, his love for the ocean is contagious and he takes great joy in sharing its beauty with others. 


Biography: Try is a graduate student enrolling in the Sustainability Science program at University of Tokyo. His research focuses on sustainable food system areas including food waste and small-scale food producers. He had experience working in a food and beverage company and was also involved in documenting activities with small scale food producers and local communities around Indonesia. During his bachelor year, he co-founded Table for Generations, a youth movement that runs a pop-up charity dining event in Sydney to raise awareness and fund for underprivileged communities in Indonesia. In his free time he enjoys cooking, swimming, reading, and photography.


Biography: Xuelian Liu is the co- executive of Better Blue, an ocean conservation organization that empowers divers to conduct citizen science projects in Marine conservation. She is also the founder of Blue Academy, an innovative education venture that empowers the youth to learn Marine conservation knowledge and skills. She has participated in UN World Heritage Sustainable development monitoring projects in Zhangjiajie, Chengdu and other monitoring sites, focusing on the interaction and evolution of tourism development between World Heritage sites and local communities. After years of diving in different countries and witnessing the changes and decline of the ocean, she decided to become a Marine conservation worker, focusing on ways to mobilize public awareness and participation in Marine conservation. She loves diving and nature observation and photography. 


Biography: Raymon is a young researcher at Indonesia's national research and innovation agency in the field of marine and inland water resource conservation. Prior to that (2015-2020) he did a lot of research at the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on the management of tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean. Raymon received his M.Sc. (2020) in marine science at IPB University as an LPDP Awardee and his Bachelor's (2014) in Fisheries at UGM University. In his free time, he enjoys walking, hiking, and swimming.


Biography: Mohammed Mofizur is a Bangladesh-born Environmental Scientist and an educator. He has studied Biodiversity, Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development. He is currently working as a Scientist at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany. Before joining at PIK, he was an Alexander Von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellow. His research interest ranges from Ocean acidification, Ocean based CO2 removal, Ecosystem service assessment and ecosystem restoration, Salinization in the river deltas, Climate change adaptation, Loss and damage, Nature based solutions and Solar radiation management governance. He published his research on some high impact journals. He brings his field research into the classroom to educate the new generation, using trans-disciplinary methodologies and combining natural-social science disciplines.


Position: Coordinator Officer, Marine Conservation Project

Biography: Ngan is currently engaged in developing the marine conservation project in Fauna & Flora in Vietnam. Her project focuses on science-and- community-based biodiversity recovery, capacity-building for park managers and communities and promoting sustainable alternation of coastal livelihoods. A passion for impact has led her from sustainable tourism to sustainability consulting and social and environmental project implementation. Ngan aspires to establish healthy and inclusive economic models in the beautiful seascapes of Vietnam. 


Biography: Xiao Yu holds a PhD in Political Science from National University of Singapore. The experience of evaluating the implementation of local legislation on marine protected areas led her into the field of ocean conservation. With the support of Blue Planet Fund from WWF/OPF, she started a research project on empowering local communities for sustainability through upgrading recreational fisheries in Ma’an Archipelago marine protected area from July 2021; a student team called Mu Yu Hu Hai Action(literally, nurture the fisheries and protect the ocean) was also set up to dedicate to social innovation. Xiao Yu is ready to embrace to challenge of paralleling the job as a scholar and a practitioner.


Born in Santiago, Chile with a dad and mom who were both hydralic engineers, Carolina Germakova always knew that she would love the ocean and want to spend almost all the time there. She also loved chemistry and biology when she was little and later pursued her passion in medicine and anesthesiology, which became her profession for a long time. But when she discovered diving, starting to see different sea creatures and the ocean ecosystem,  where she thought she could renew her childhood passion and make a greater impact. She has started to volunteer with her divemaster and instructor to save the sea turtles for the last few years. She believes she could apply her knowledge in chemistry, biology and medicine to protecting the changing ocean ecosystems.